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The on line VAT advice

If you have a VAT question you would like answered why not send it to us here?

We have now opened this service of quick advice as VAT shop because you need to obtain quick and short information. Here with on line VAT services, you get advice in several languages, help and tutorials for filling in forms, answers to questions about European and Scandinavian VAT.
We aim to give you quick answer in practice, when you have a practical issue, therefore
we want this on line boutique easy-to-use.

Need to know how VAT works? Hassle when invoicing ? Ask an expert!

When your own search did not provide you with right answer, the VAT expert answers your questions with accurate view on several aspects.

You pay for your purchases here direct on line with Paypal, secure, safe and efficient on line payment system in several currencies. You pay with your credit card in your own currency. You get an answer which is yours, regarding your practical case.

We will not here give you dozen of legal references but just this one you need to solve the case you are facing by now.

For more complex issues, just contact us by e-mail.We always give you an estimate of the fees involved to provide full answers or direct help. When VAT registration, contact with the Tax Offices or other work is needed, you get a personalized and efficient service here.

Welcome to on line VAT advice !


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